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Our Vision

To be a Community connected to God in love and passionate about connecting people to Christ

Our Mission

  • We are about providing water to the thirsty soul! We seek out the lost and offer them the free gift of Salvation that is in Christ Jesus.
  • We are about discipleship. Through our house groups and discipleship training we hope to nurture believers to become a functional part of the Church.
  • We are about Church planting. Extending the borders of the body of Christ nationally and internationally.
  • We are about Missions- Sending out and supporting missionaries who take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our Missions Reach
PFCC is an outward looking church engaged in multiple mission ventures around the country. One of our unique flagship projects has been assisting missionaries engaged in Bible translations. We have churches in English, Hindi, Marathi and Nepali. Our team work and projects have spread to a few districts in greater Maharashtra, Bihar, Nepal and even Turkey.
Our Core Values
With scandals and scams plaguing many Christian ministries, we are determined to cultivate integrity, transparency and accountability in all that we say and do. Hence we hold the leadership to account on their life and service. This is a non-negotiable principle we value and desire to transmit it to our congregations as well.